Here are five real world street  self-defense techniques that will get your started. 


Practice them and then come train with me.

 TECHNIQUE #1  Defending a sucker punch straight to the face and using leverage and your surrounding environment to your advantage.

 TECHNIQUE #2  Neck choke against a wall.  Escaping before you're seriously injured, striking so attacker can’t pursue further.

 TECHNIQUE #3  Defending yourself against a two handed shove to the chest. It’s critical to strike especially after first contact was made.

 TECHNIQUE #4  Attacker throws haymaker punch to your head. The objective is to defend and make the attacker comply without much damage.

 TECHNIQUE #5  Counter Offensive series to back someone off before you get attacked.  Verbal judo has been exhausted, time to act.

 BONUS TECHNIQUE  Counter Offensive series of strikes meant to Distract, Disorient and Debilitate your attacker, ending in an MDS Choke.

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[ I Can Assure You That This Will Be The Most Important Defense Training ]

In today’s State of the Art Savage Society, current approaches to self-defense are outdated and no longer valid.  


Criminals and Domestic Terrorists are at every door in every neighborhood and community… nobody is exempt no matter their gender, age or physical or mental capacity.  We live in an environment of constant E.V.I.L.

The problem is that today’s concepts of Self-Defense are ineffective against this type of “Bad Guy.”  


Patrick Odle teaches what is now being called as Modern Civilian Combat. The concepts are based on proven in combat Tactics that include everything from Hand 2 Hand, to Edged Weapons, Improvised Weapons and Firearms.  


These are Principle-Based Skills that are oriented to every situation that you will find yourself in during your daily personal, work and family life.  Whether at home, the office, the gym, and running errands or on vacation… this is a Modern Day Curriculum.


Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones against any attacker, in any situation, against any weapon any time.