In Today's Savage Society... 
You Need to be a Modern Civilian Combatant. 

Gone are the days when learning boxing or any type of martial arts system was more than enough to defend yourself.  The tactics and techniques I teach are specifically made for Civilians.  It's way beyond Self-Defense.

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[ Pakamut FMA ]


An edged weapon defense system, covering long, mid and short range tactics.  Brought to the US by Grandmaster Felix Roiles.


[ MDS ]


Fast paced, aggressive defense concepts designed for executive protection, law enforcement, and counter terrorism.


[ Krav Maga - ICSU ]


This high intensity defense system was designed first for civilians but evolved for military and law enforcement worldwide.

PATRICK WEB PICS-wrestling2.png

[ Combat Wrestling ]


A mixture of Freestyle, Greco, and Catch-Wrestling concepts that teach you to subdue an attacker without having to engage them on the ground.


[ My Team Members ]


Surrounding yourself with high quality support structure of individuals who are not only top tacticians but top in character is critical to your success.

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[ My Personal Gear ]


With my extensive background in a variety of combative systems, the gear I choose has to endure the realities of hard use.  The gear I chose, does that.

[ testimonials ]

Patrick breaks down and teaches so anyone at any experience level will learn and retain it. He's professional, articulate and friendly. He's got an extremely dangerous skill set that he can pass on to anyone who chooses to work with him. He's set a very high standard for other instructors.

Patrick's way of explaining technique is incredible and easy to understand, ensuring each student understands what they are learning. He has helped me from the beginning in my journey and I dramatically improved in everything I have learned from him. In all, he is an amazing teacher.