Private Instruction
[ Individuals / Private Groups / Families ]


In some cases, individuals learn better in a private environment, or in many instances a family, group or business may want to learn together apart from the public, or specific needs may want to be addressed. For these and other purposes I offer private instruction.  Rates vary based on the particular circumstances.

Public Seminars
[ MDS Fundamentals / Edged Weapon Awareness / Impact Weapons Strategies / Ground Defense ]


I conduct “open to the public” seminars and workshops all through North America and in some cases around the globe.  With my diverse background, these programs vary in style and approach.  From our kids Anti-Abduction program to the Women’s Only Self Defense program to MDS Level One Fundamentals, Filipino Martial Arts via Pakamut, Israeli Krav Maga and much more.  Due to the nature of these programs they are limited in attendance.  

Corporate Programs
[ CEO-Executive Training / On or Off Site / Team Building / Crisis Management ]


Active violence is a part and threatens are daily lives.  The focus in addressing these tragic events and potentialities is to “Run and Hide” but never to Defend and Fight Back.  To actually stop the acts.  My programs are can be tailored to any group size, varied times, consistent ongoing training (in-house or off site) or one time events.  We can also tailor the content for you specific needs from individual skills to a more organized group skill set and everything in-between.  Prices vary based on needs.