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"In today's Savage Society, traditional forms of fighting and martial arts aren't enough to protect against the rampaging E.V.I.L.   My solution is what I've termed Modern Civilian Combat."


Born and rasied in Southern California, Patrick began his self defense journey at the age of 10 with Western Boxing to help defend himself from local bullies and gang members. From boxing, Patrick quickly moved into wresting and remained on the mat for the next 10 years. He wrested everything from Freestyle, Greco, and Collegiate. He was one of the top wrestlers in California in Collegiate and Freestyle, while being ranked in the top 15 for Freestyle. 

At the age of 21, Patrick wanted to expand his striking capabilities. He ended up taking Kung Fu San Soo under Master Eric Nolan (Scott Leitch Lineage) for about 5.5 years until Master Nolan discontinued his program. With the popularity of this program Patrick was exposed to Kali/Eskrima, JKD (Jeet Kune Do), Kickboxing, as well as Jiu Jitsu. He later met Master Roger Huff (Bill Hulsey Lineage), and continued  his San Soo progress under that program. In August of 2014, he received his Master's Degree (8th Degree) in Kung Fu San Soo. Patrick's certificate was signed by both Master Roger Huff, and Master Bill Hulsey. Patrick was greatly honored and felt that he took his first substantial step in his Martial Arts education/journey. 

But he was not finished, he decided to see out the Master of his first instructor, Master Sifu Ryan Spink, a multiple Martial Arts Hall of Famer. Patrick quickly got an invitation to participate in Master Spink's tactical knife seminar and fell in love with the concepts. With a shared enthusiasm, Master Spink invited Patrick to a seminar on Israeli Krav Maga, which he became a Full Military & Law Enforcement Israeli Krave Maga Instructor. In February 2018, he received his Blackbelt in Israeli Krav Maga. Patrick's favorite part about Krav Maga was teaching method, attention to modern weapons, and  weapons disarmed which came from the Philippine's edged weapon culture. 

Patrick's next step was training with some of the biggest names in FMA (Filipino Martial Arts). At a seminar for Doug Marcaida, he met Grandmaster Felix Roiles, a 5x World Champion in full contact Eskrima.  He was since been training with Grandmaster Felix Roiles for years and was given permission to teach his family's fighting style of Pakamut, and to pass on the "Cebuano" fighting system.  Under Grandmaster's tutelage that Patrick won a US National Championship in full contact Eskrima, and a place on the USA Eskrima Team at the 175-190lbs at the Cruiserweight Champion. For recognition of his accomplishments, and dedication in Filipino Martial Arts, Patrick was awarded the positions of Director of the Filipino Martial Arts Program at Integrated Combat Systems University, by the University's Director, Master Ryan Spink. Patrick's responsibilities include overseeing FMA curriculum development, supervising instructor certification in the Krav Maga, FMA, and Kung Fu San Soo programs. During this time Patrick traveled and taught Krav Maga and Filipino Martial Arts with Master Ryan Spink, sharing the I.C.S.U. model with schools around the USA.

In 2016, Patrick met a very vicious man named Fred Mastro.  Fred had a ferociousness that was very rare, and Patrick saw value in Fred Mastro's tactics and principles.  After attending multiple seminars Mastro Defence System (MDS) with Fred and Patrick's associates (Doug Marcaida, Instructor Zero, & Etc.), Fred invited Patrick to come to Belgium and train in MDS.  Fred Mastro trains many elite special forces, as well as law enforcement agencies and top bodyguards around the world. When Patrick went to Belgium to certify, they selected 10 out of over 200+ potential instructors.  After being given his Level 1 MDS Instructor Certification in the summer of 2017, Patrick was given the right to teach MDS by Fred Mastro.  Patrick has taught various seminars of Level 1 MDS throughout the United States, starting study groups at each location to continue the spread of knowledge.  Patrick have since been back to Belgium to train numerous times with Fred Mastro on concepts of Executive Protection, Counter Terrorism, and Weapon Defense.  In January of 2019, he received his Level 2 credential in MDS.  Patrick was given the honor in May of 2019 of training the 9 Presidential Guard of Malta on deployment of expandable baton & blade.  This has fortunately expanded to creating teaching opportunities around the world.

With the introduction of Modern Civilian Combat, Patrick has started to offer all of the skillsets that he has learned over the years with his commitment to self defense.  Under this platform Patrick has been offered MDS, Filipino Edged & Impact Weapons Training, Civilian/Military, & Law Enforcement Krav Maga, as well as Kombat Wrestling.  With everyone having different potential threats, these options offer various combinations for seminars and private teaching experiences.  Patrick has continued to train Self Defense with firearms, and other variations, because he will forever be a  student and look forward to growing as an individual as well as a Self Defense Instructor. 

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