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[ Meet Patrick Odle ]
Founder-Head Instructor

"In today's Savage Society, traditional forms of fighting and martial arts aren't enough to protect against the rampaging E.V.I.L.  My solution is what I've termed Modern Civilian Combat."


Patrick Odle is a dedicated teacher and student of defense. His lineage and training is extensive, his commitment unmatched, and his teaching skills exceptional.  Training with Patrick you don’t just get basics in one art, you get a cultivated understanding and comprehension of defense.  He is dedicated to developing capable, empowered, and mindful students. This leads to a teaching style that develops situational response and practical skillsets to improve a student’s capacity to adapt and perform in an increasingly dangerous world. 


His experience includes:

  • Wrestling- 10 years, including Freestlyle, Greco, and Collegiate, was one of the top wrestlers in California in Collegiate and Freestyle in High School.

  • Kung Fu San Soo- Master’s Degree (8th Degree) in in 2014

  • Krav Maga- Full Military & Law Enforcement Instructor, Blackbelt in 2018

  • FMA/Kali/Eskrima- Pakamut instructor, Awarded the positions of Director of the Filipino Martial Arts Program at Integrated Combat Systems University, was the US National Champion in full contact Eskrima, and won a place on the USA Eskrima Team at the 175-190lbs at the Cruiserweight.

  • MDS (Mastro Defence System)- When certifying in Belgium for MDS, he was one of 10 instructors selected out of over 200+ potential candidates. Now level 2 instructor

  • International Student- travels all over the world (now more than 10 countries) to continually develop his defense skills 

  • International Instructor- Teaches all over the world including the presidential guard in Malta

  • JKD (Jeet Kune Do), Boxing, Kickboxing, and Jiu Jitsu and other arts

His additional skillsets include:


SURVEILLANCE- Greyman tactics, team formations, radio communications, Information collection and analysis, Physical observation, Electronic monitoring, Area expertise & familiarity, Navigation, Dispatch, Vehicular surveillance, Audio/video surveillance 


COUNTER SURVEILLANCE- Identification of tracking devices, Tail spotting, Boobytrap identification, Reading body language, Choke point/fatal funnels, Environmental awareness, Identification of, listening devices , Usage of frequency jammers, Speech protection systems, RF signal detectors, Routine avoidance


ESCAPE & EVASION- Lock picking, Cuff manipulation (picking & shimming), Zip tie escape, rope, tape, etc, Vehicle entry (slim Jim,bump keys), Wilderness way finding , Throwing tracks, Diversion tactics, Knot work , Improvised weapons, Stress inoculation, Edible plant identification, Water collection


RISK ASSESSMENT- Asset identification , Risk likelihood and impact, Cost of solutions, Cultural factors, Environmental factors, Body language que identification , Truth assessment, Economic factors, Concealed weapon identification, Vehicle inspections, Indicators of aggressive behavior, Exit point identification , Emergency countermeasure identification (fire hydrants, medical equip, first aid kits), Competence evaluation, Hazard identification


THREAT IDENTIFICATION- Use of force continuum, Threat color code Liability consideration, Force proportionality, Red teaming, Data mining, Vulnerability identification , Likelihood determination, Impact analysis, Control recommendations, Violence intervention


CLOSE BODY PROTECTION- Israeli & ABA methods (Ryan Spink), European methods (Fred Mastro), Adaptive executive protection for youth (Aros Mackey), Executive and youth transport

Advanced team tactics, body team and follow car protocols, Route evaluations for backup routes and threat escape plans, Vehicle entry and exit protocols


CPR/FIRST AID- Basic CPR certificate, Utah state certified youth mental health first responder focusing on anxiety, depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, social pressures, bipolar, schizophrenia, bpd, etc.., Trauma stop bleed first responder, Improvised and factory tourniquets, Prioritizing medical care/ evaluating severity

His lineage includes instructors:

  • Eric Nolan (Scott Leitch Lineage)- Kung Fu San Soo

  • Master Roger Huff (Bill Hulsey Lineage)- Kung Fu San Soo

  • Ryan Spink- Krav Maga

  • Felix Roiles- 5x World Champion in full contact Eskrima - Pakamut

  • Fred Mastro- Founder/Creator of Mastro Defence System 

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